Factors that make your promotional videos look professional

Making a good and attractive promotional video can be challenging. So you definitely need to know the important factors that will determine the quality of your videos. In the meantime, perhaps the finest motionsauce team can also be a good company for you to hire.


One of the most important factors for video makers is the quality and direction of lighting. Before you start recording, pay close attention to the surroundings and make sure you get adequate lighting.

Indoor shots will give you more control over your surroundings, but you need adequate lighting. If necessary, fine-tune the atmosphere with a balanced, balanced light and look natural, bright, and without a distracting shadow. It is best to start recording the test scene and make any necessary adjustments. Viewers will not know that you have added lighting.

In general, shooting outdoors is easier. Watch through your lens to make sure the sunlight helps the lighting and does not interfere with your subject. Shooting time plays an important role in the quality and feel of your video. In photography, the term “golden time” suggests shooting in the first and last hours of sunlight because it gives an elegant and captivating glow.

Camera Movement

Try not to move the camera while taking a picture. Movement of the camera usually gives less satisfactory results. Unless there is an obvious reason to move the camera, you should let the camera stay stable and do the scene in front of the camera. Sliding or changing the camera position horizontally can be done when necessary, but keep the camera from shaking (again, a tripod will be very useful). Try to avoid sudden movement or stomping on the camera. Lastly, do not run while recording. This usually results in less satisfactory results.