Do English People Learn English?

English has become an international language spoken in almost every country in the world. Therefore, in every country, English will be taught as a foreign language lesson in order to simplify human to communicate with another country and also in order to get information more quickly. One of the ways to learn English is to take courses in a trusted course institution. One of the recommended course institutes is britishlifeskills. Moreover, britishlifeskills is now open for B1 english test registration. But apart from that all, have we ever wondered whether the English people are still learning English?

Yes indeed, it happened at a school who located in Leeds, England. Schools with students from 50 different countries in the world are the first English schools to teach English as a foreign language to all students regardless of their ethnic background.
Less than a quarter of students at City of Leeds School use English as their native language. Most of them are students who have lived in the UK six years ago.

All students are required to take additional lessons for 50 minutes a week to improve their basic English skills and to improve their basic skills in spelling and grammar. Teachers are committed to providing the best education to all students and determined to raise standards. Come up with an innovative new approach that will equip students with the English language skills they need to reach their full potential.