Characteristics of Quality Maternity Hospital

Determining a weighted maternity hospital is certainly important in labor. Quality hospitals usually provide high-quality medical personnel. Even though you have added fortis bangalore to your list. Do you have a plan of seeking the hospital that also provides you maternity service? When you simply answer yes, the following things must be in your mind.

A quality hospital, of course, there is a good hygiene system. The hospital should look clean, orderly and well maintained. After that, you can see how the medical personnel in the hospital. Hospitality, as well as courtesy, is one that shows the quality of the profession of medical personnel.

After that, you need to ignore the procedure that passes after you do the birth. A good hospital will give you the tempo of IMD, which is Initialization of Early Breastfeeding.

This opportunity is a time when a newborn little boy will be left in his mother’s arms with the aim of building a bond between the mother of the child, on this occasion the child will try to find the mother’s nipple in order to suckle. If in the birth procedure this is not mentioned you are looking for references to other hospitals.

After the parent process is usually mother and baby will be separated in a separate place. Make sure the baby cubicle that appears to have a good condition so that the protection is done in the baby’s house is more secure. Think about it, see if there is a scheduling where the mother should breastfeed the boy.

If it’s a good idea to try to ask it, a good maternity hospital will not give an admonition to breastfeeding, they should provide a 24-hour guard facility so babies can suckle every moment when they’re hungry.

If you then choose the fortis hospital, you surely have your own reasons why you do so.