Unique Ideas for Team Building!

Team building is very important. Why is that? It is because the greatest asset of the company is the employees. Capacity and ability of employees who can be important differentiating factors that are difficult to imitate between the success of one company with other companies. But in practice, the field turned out that the ability is not enough, failure occurs because many individuals within the company cannot collaborate with each other. This is where the role of team building. Therefore, here are some unique ideas for team building!

1. Human Bingo
The reader is, of course, familiar with Bingo games. Human Bingo is a modification of the Bingo game where instead of writing the number on the Bingo card held by each game participant, the Bingo card will be inscribed with unique individual characteristics. For example, there is a box that reads “Blond Hair” and so forth. More details see the picture below. The total available box is the same as the Bingo game that is 5×5 squares. Game participants must get acquainted with other game participants to be able to write the name of the person in the appropriate box.

2. Analytical Thinking Game
Analytical Thinking Game is a game done to sharpen the brain and logic of thinking from team building participants. In this game session, participants should be divided into small groups, and each group competes quickly to answer simple logic, analysis, and math questions from game master. The priority is not the correct answer, but how the group can reach that answer. Well for a more exciting game then it would be better if you do it in Bouncy Castles Limerick . In addition to trying to answer questions, you and the team must also jump on the big balloons.

3. Spaghetti and Marshmallow
The next Game Team Building inspiration is Spaghetti and Marshmallow Game. What is this game really? Spaghetti and Marshmallow is a game that can enhance cooperation between teams, we can see how a team plans something to achieve the goal, and how the implementation process. In this game, the participants will be given 20 sticks of raw spaghetti, 3 marshmallows, scissors, and masking tape. Armed with these four things, each team is asked to compete to make the tallest building, with marshmallows having to be on the top of the building. Terms of assessment are to be able to stand up to a minimum of 1 minute.