Tips on Choosing and Consumption of Canned Food Safely

This practical factor makes high canned food enthusiasts. But we must still pay attention to some things before buying and consuming. To get quality canned food then now you can easily get it at Apart from that, you should also pay attention to some things below!

1. Choose canned foods that are still in good condition
First, you try to re-eat the cans you want to buy, from the packaging that remains intact, no dent, not rusty, not bulging, still tightly closed without any holes, and clean. Then note also the expiration date. Is it still 3 months before best before? If so, then it is still worth your purchase.

2. Store your canned food in a clean, cool, and stable place
You can also save it on a closed shelf or closet. If you buy it in bulk, try to sort by when you buy it and when it expires. Canned food that you buy first, you should first use to be cooked or placed in the order of the front. Also, its close expired, you can immediately use.

3. Check the food after cans are opened
Although the canned food is produced with a super tight food security system but did not rule out there is also a failed product that can get into our hands, right. If you find canned foods are moldy, change color and aroma or bubbly, should you throw away yes. Because this food is not feasible for consumption.