Vert Shock Jumping Program

Vert shock review about the remarkable jumping program that already proved will improve your jump height up to 15 inches only in eight weeks. The program made based on the fact that type II B fibers responsible for a fast muscle contraction that resulted in explosive movement such as jumping. It is also combined with the founder experience – Adam Folker and “Jusfly” Darlington – in basketball professional world. Vert Shock program focuses on training the nervous system and develop the type II fiber to gain higher jump ability. This program resulted in the increasing of jumping height up to 15 inches and boosts your overall stamina that will allow you to perform high jump whenever you want.

Vert Shock program offers a three-phase program with the total eight weeks to complete it. The three-phase program including pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. Pre-shock phase aiming to prepare your muscle for an intensive workout in the main phase. Shock phase or known as the main phase is an intensive workout 4 to 5 days each week for six weeks with the purpose to activate and strengthen the twitch muscle fiber (type II B fibers) to get the higher jump. The last phase known as post-shock phase aims to cement your improvement as muscle memories so your body will get used to it and can perform a higher jump. After completing each phase and gain your new high score jump, you need to maintain the ability by doing a regular workout suggested at least once a week. This is also important and crucial phase to keep your jump ability better. The workout for every phase required does not need expensive training tool and long tired time at the gym, it only needs simple tools and the exercise can be performed at home. It will save the money and time for the better result. Vert Shock program had been certified by NCSA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) an association known for their gold standard training certificate. It is proved that vert shock program safe for all age range and all experience levels. Vert Shock program will give you the shock with the remarkable result!