The World’s Most Dazzling Solar Panel!

Solar energy is clean, reliable, and abundant and is an affordable alternative to fossil fuels. Well if you are currently planning to install solar panel then it would be better if you install 5kw solar system Melbourne from energies. Not only that, solar energy is also amazing. Check out the world’s most dazzling solar panel options!

1. The Sunflower Solar Panels, Solar Panels of Sunflower
This is a new piece of solar technology from IBM, which will be launched in 2017. This technology not only provides electricity-but also removes the salt content in water for sanitation and drinking water. The combination of several solar technology generators can provide enough clean water for the entire city. Sunflower operates by tracking sunlight, so automatically it will always point to the best direction in order to collect sunlight-like real sunflowers!
2. The Loveliest Solar Plant Ever, The most beautiful solar energy panels.
The heart-shaped solar power plant will be built on the Pacific island of New Caledonia at the beginning of next year and will generate sufficient power supplies for the needs of about 750 homes. This heart-shaped unique design is inspired by the “Heart of VOH” -a wild mangrove vegetation area near the island that naturally grows like a heart shape, gaining recognition around the world thanks to Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s best-selling book The Earth from Above. The Pacific Islands are the most vulnerable to climate change and will benefit greatly from the use of these renewable sources globally.
3. The Most Scenic Solar Farm, the Most Amazing Solar Energy Field
Kagoshima mega solar island is the largest solar power plant in Japan. Not only does it generate an average of enough power to supply about 22,000 households in Japan, but it also serves as a tourist destination. It is offering breathtaking views of Sakurajima volcano, its own factory learning center highlights the environmental and science issues behind photovoltaic energy generation. The recent development of solar energy in Japan is really fast. In 2013, Japan as the country that installed solar PV in the world (after China). It’s a rapid expansion!